Gift Guide: For The Drink Aficionado

Holy Hive Honey | Bee Honey Powder. Made from dehydrated honey into powder form for a suitable alternative to sugar and a convenient addition to hot drinks or recipes.
Honey Powder

Printworks | Tea Tools. The essential toolkit for all tea lovers. Packaged in an attractive 'book-like' container- that will look elegant on display. Tea Tools

Plant People | Sunsup Mushroom Coffee Mix. Help them start the day right with this zero-sugar, adaptogenic mushroom, herb and mineral functional powder. Multi-source caffeine to support metabolism, energy, focus and cravings. Mushroom Coffee Mix

OHOM | Self-Heating Tea Pot. For the chilly days ahead, this self-heating tea pot will gently heat, and keep your tea hot & flavorful at 140°F. Self-heating Tea Pot

Blume | Superfood Latte Mix. With all sorts of superfood boosted blends, this is the Salted Caramel Blend. It's refined sugar-free and boosted with  maca and schisandra. Option to add espresso into the mix. Salted Caramel Blend

Black Coffee | Starter Pack. A great introduction or exploration of different beans and roasts. This pack comes with four 6 oz bags, each of a different variety by Missoula Roaster Black Coffee. Sample Pack

Haskill Creek | Loose Leaf Tea. We have several house blends that we've concocted for what ails you. Try our Immunity Tea or perhaps our Healthy Heart Tea. Selections available in-store.

Artsy Em Designs | Skier Stoneware Mug. A darling stoneware mug with printed skiers shredding throughout. Ski Adventure Stoneware Mug

All available in-store at Haskill Creek.

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