Gift Guide: For The Busy Mom

Moon Juice | Mini Dew. Staying hydrated will help them stay in Supermom mode. This electrolyte powder has trace minerals and tastes like organic watermelon with a dash of salt. Mini Dew

OGEE | Contour Collection Set. These multi-tasking makeup sticks are perfect for the Mom-on-the-go.   Set includes a best-selling and versatile trio to achieve a no-makeup-makeup glow. Contour Collection Set

Cymbiotika | Magnesium L-Threonate. This form of magnesium supports brain function and a healthy memory. Individual packets can be taken en route to their kid's next activity. Magnesium L-Threonate

Plant People | Wonderfocus Gummies. These vegan and sugar-free gummies are an easy one and done. With functional mushrooms, energizing B vitamins, and green tea extract for a calm focus. Wonderfocus Gummies

Blush & Gold | Weekly Planner. This elegant blush-colored planner will make them excited to organize and plan. Weekly planning, plus goals and gratitude sections. Weekly Planner

OHOM | Self-Heating Mug. This nifty mug and heating unit will keep their favorite beverage warm and tasty. Bonus, the heating element doubles as a charger for your phone. Self-Heating Mug

Campo | RELAX Essential Oil Roller. This essential oil blend is pre-blended with 100% natural carrier oils, so it's jet-set and ready to roll. Apply to pulse points for an instant reset. Essential Oil Roller

Printworks | Coffee Table Photo Album. This stylish photo album will add to any coffee table display. Sporting a terracotta cloth cover and black photo paper pages. Photo Album

Moon Juice | Super You. Full of adaptogenic herbs for better stress management and resilience over time. Taken daily for better energy, mood, and focus. Super You

Jonathan Adler | Trinket Tray. We love this artist's eclectic style, including this porcelain trinket tray with lavender petals lined in gold. Fleur Trinket Tray

All available in-store at Haskill Creek.

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